Little C, stands for Cancer and is how I like to view and perceive my Cancer. As Little.

I’m bigger than my Cancer, it's small to me. I won’t let it define me, defeat me or bring me down. I will beat it!

31 is my age, as I'm battling this Cancer at the age of 31. Many Doctors and others have said to me "You’re so young!".

They may be right, but the life experiences and obstacles I've had to climb especially over the past 10 years have made me feel older than I am. I'm always learning, but my perspective and wisdom on life is not of a normal 31-year-old.

This blog will explore my journey’s and obstacles in life.

It’s the blunt, raw, hard truths of my Cancer, my Chemotherapy and all the things related to this new journey at the tender age of 31. Not a long life I know, but it’s surely been a full-on, productive life so far.

I’ll be straight-forward in my writing, give my opinions according to my life experiences, but show you my love at the same time. Because I do love everyone, even those that I’ve been hurt by in my life.

Sometimes, love is best served apart or given in its unconditional entirety beside you.

I don't want any pity or people to feel sorry for me. Or be known as that girl who had Cancer.

I want to be known as the girl who beat and fought Cancer, who fought Little C!

The main thing I want to do is bring awareness and I hope some sort of higher consciousness to others in my own small way.

I still have a lot to learn myself and I will continue to keep learning and growing till the end. Trying to impart my knowledge to others, if they want to receive it.

AWARENESS is important, because 1 in 2 is predicted to suffer from Cancer in their lifetime. 

That's half the population. It's like an epidemic. Like a plague.

It worries me and I can't sit back and do nothing about it and just get over it and carry on. I want to make a difference. Help others in my own small way, even if I save one life because of an early diagnosis then that's the main thing. 

I guess hearing the word Cancer – most people think how bad the outcomes could be.

Understandably, as the statistics are now that 1 in 2 people in the UK born after 1960 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime.


It also depends on the type Cancer you have. Some have higher survival statistics than others.

But dealing and coping with any type of cancer can make you think the worst.

Each brave individual going through Cancer is going at a different pace and following their own individual path.

Life…it can bring you down or raise you up. It’s your perception of the world and how you perceive the world, which can help you to achieve the strength to fight on.

Opening your mind up to Awareness, Spiritual Awareness or a Higher Consciousness can show you the path to love, empathy, wisdom, fearlessness, understanding and strength.

My moto in life even before I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer has been

“Knowledge is Power”

Power in the sense of Freedom.

& “All You Need is Love”.

Love is Powerful.

They serve me well.

With this blog I'd like to help others going through the hardships that Cancer brings and I hope in some way help you or them to feel that you or they are not alone.

That life isn't so bad. That we can still appreciate what we have and still love life as much as we can.


Love to you all x



With huge inspiration from the beautiful and late Rachael Bland.

I learnt of Rachael, sadly on the same day that she had passed away. It made me cry to hear her story and confirmed to me what I should do.

She was a renowned BBC Presenter & Journalist and left a legacy that helped so many. She passed away from Breast Cancer and the same Cancer I have – Triple Negative.

At the same time that I found about Rachael's fight, I was struggling myself with the notion of whether I should start a blog.

I wanted to and had an urge to do it, as it felt right. But I was battling with the notion of having the courage to do it and bearing all my life in the open to everyone. As I felt that if I am to do this, I should do it properly, bearing all, raw and honest. 

I am a personal person and have always dealt with my life and my emotional hardships without the help of others. I have always felt that if I can deal with it on my own, it will strengthen my mental stability and I would be able to create healthy coping mechanisms. I wasn't always right, but i've definitely learnt a lot along the way and do believe that I have a strong mental state that has helped me to cope with the obstacles that I've had to face and that I face now.

But not everyone is the same.

It made me cry that she had passed away – I’d never heard of Racheal. But it’s funny how you can relate to someone without having known them at all.

Even writing this, makes me feel teary. But tears can be good. Tears of love I say!

Her blog is incredible and you can really see how she documented her journey, which is tough.

Tough, when you are in limelight and have a family and a child. 

Sometimes it’s tough to just get out of bed when you’re having a bad Chemo day or just having a bad cancer day. But to me it showed that it can be done, you can still help yourself at the worst moments in your life as well as helping others. 

Her inspirational blog is called BIG C. LITTLE ME - PUTTING THE CAN IN CANCER.

Please check out her blog - sited below picture.

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