What can I say, I like to appreciate life and what I have. Even more so now that i'm going through Cancer. 


I would say I’m creative, positive, strong, moral, honest, intelligent, bubbly, a little crazy, a risk taker if it doesn't hurt anyone, hopeful and spiritual.

I've certainly made mistakes in my life, but I don't regret them. I've enjoyed my life so far at age 31, my lifestyle and any mistakes i've made i've faced them, accepted them and learnt from them.

I always strive to better myself in all aspects of my life. Having guidance along the way by many I love.

My moto has always been "Knowledge is Power" and I have very encouraging parents who believed in my education and me. Who encouraged me to be whatever I wanted to be.

When I started my degree I was doing well, but just at the beginning of my second year at the age of 20, tragic hit my family.

It was unforeseen and a huge shock to my system, to my life, to everything!

My degree and my ambition to become a Solicitor had suddenly become something I was unsure about. 

My perspective on life had changed.

I decided that during my second year of my Law Degree, that I would do something creative to release my negative energy into positive energy.

I was always interested in Art, Makeup & Creativity in all forms from a young age. So I decided to a one-year VTCT Cosmetic Makeup Course at the end of 2008 at Kingston College.

It was a breathe of fresh air. A really fun and different side of myself to explore. To keep my mind positively busy.

It had sparked a passion, a love, a positive energy, a creativity, an ambition in me, which has stayed with ever since.


But I was never a quitter, I still loved studying Law and I was still interested in it. To me it was knowledge, that I was not willing to let go, just because I had found another love.

My thirst for knowledge was unbounding.


As the years went on with my degree, I was still dealing with the tragedy that had struck me along with other unbelievably life changing challenges.

But I pushed through as best as I could and got my LLB Law Degree. I was proud of myself with what I had achieved, dealing with so much all at the same time.


But during the period of my Degree, I had also started my work as a freelance Makeup Artist. I wanted to keep busy and explore this world of my life, that I had grown a love for.

Could I do it? Would it work? Do I have the talent and skill? Could this be a career? It was a test for myself.

I worked at the business for many years slowly alongside my studies and jobs over the years.


After I completed my LLB Law Degree, I decided to do a LLM Masters of Law. I wanted to achieve as much as I could whilst I was young, whilst I was in the studying mode. Before I started full-time work, before life would really change. Plus I loved learning.

I was accepted at the renowned Brunel University to do my Masters of Law. I really enjoyed it and learnt an immense amount of knowledge. The degree opened my mind as I chose Human Rights Modules alongside International Criminal Justice.


But I had always known that my love was Beauty, Makeup and the world of Creativity.

Studying Law was certainly not the same as practicing Law as a Solicitor.

I weighed up my desire to just be unequivocally happy in my job day-to-day over the monetary value of becoming a Solicitor. 

Knowing that I may not be very happy as a Solicitor, I chose my path of creativity and carried on with my business.

I completed my LLM Masters of Law and then went into the world of work.


Back in 2008 marketing yourself as a Makeup Artist and gaining clientele was a totally different ball game. Nothing like it is now. I adapted along the way and kept marketing myself in various ways.

I didn't want to, but I knew it was time to grow up. I understood the responsibilities of being an adult, eventually owning a property, getting married. 

This meant I had to buckle up and earn some serious money.

It also meant that I had to pump money into my business to make it really work and earn comfortably.

So for the moment, from being a broke student, the answer was a well-paid job. So I went into another sector that I was familiar with, property. So I could fulfil my other ambition and also buy a property.

I worked 7 days a week and kept my business going on the side as a Makeup Artist.


I had also at this point found the love of life – unbeknown to me, he would become my husband.

He was a wish I made to the Universe.

I was so happy and appreciative that he had come into my life.

After a few years with my Mickey, a great investment popped up and we went for it in 2014 – one of the best decisions we made before we got married.


In 2014, still working hard on my business. I decided to improve my skill set and enrolled on to a VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Theatrical, Special Effects & Hair & Media Makeup.

A full-time one-year course, which I absolutely loved from start to finish!

I did everything from Media Makeup, Casualty Special Effects, Prosthetic Makeup, Airbrush Makeup, Catwalk Makeup, Editorials, Body Art, Hair, Theatrical Makeup, Ageing & Transgender Makeup, Costume Making, Camouflage Makeup, Bridal, Hairstyling and much more.

I completed the course with Distinctions and was over the moon, ready to conquer the more artistic side of the Beauty Industry.


Soon after I had this overwhelming heart-felt feeling that it was the time to get married and have our commitment celebrated. Something overcame me, this crazy idea! The Proposal!

My work as Professional Hair & Makeup Artist after my course was just great!

I was working on it full-time, doing Brides.

I worked on a feature film with established Actors; such as the Award winning Actor Adam Bernard from the Dream Girls Musical, whom also was the stunt double for John Boyega in Star Wars! Doing Special Effects Makeup which hit US and Hong Kong Film Festivals. I also worked on smaller short films like Channel 4 and Horror films.

I worked at a very well-known Asian TV Channel on Sky - Zee TV. Working on all the Presenters over a period of 2-3 years.

Worked on a Glamour UK Magazine spread as a Hairstylist. Givenchy was another spread I worked on, doing male hair and makeup.

Other work includes hair for confidential Celebrity clients. One of whom was a Model who video called John Frieda whilst I was doing her hair! 

Unfortunately, i've also had to fight for my business recently - as it seems there are people out there who do not have the integrity to work hard from the bottom and work there way up on their own. Instead have used my name and hard work to gain advantage in their own business. But i'm handling this. Sadly this person has underestimated me and doesn't understand the Law.

It's been tough, not only have I been fighting for my life, my health, my identity and my future. I've been fighting for my livelihood and my business.

The truth thankfully has been fully revealed to me and my Law education has been an absolute blessing.

All in all, on a lighter note I feel grateful to still be fighting for my health and being here. Having a gem of a husband who loves me dearly. And having experienced and gained the skill and knowledge to help my future.

Bring on 2019 - I will be back with more creativity, fight, love and inspiration!


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