This session was a little easier, I knew what to expect (almost).

This time I chose my left inner arm for the chemo. My right arm is my artistic hand, so I just didn't want to risk my veins being damaged in that hand.

I did the bald cap again the second time, but once I had seen the lovely lady I had met on my first chemo (it was her second chemo at that point). I realised that this will probably be my last bald cap attempt, as she had lost her hair after her second chemo.

In a way it helped me to realise that my hair loss (alopecia) will be something that I must face with strength and confidence.

I had a fair bit of nausea the same day of chemo and the next day, but never vomited thankfully, as my oncologist put me on a highest dose of anti-sickness which did help.

I had major muscular pain from the injections this week and started to get back spasms due to too much movement, which was my fault as I was not resting properly and letting external situations from friends and family upset me.

It’s hard to not think about those who have hurt you while going through such an unimaginable process.

But that negativity won’t help, as it showed me quite rightly as my body reacted to it. This has been the last time so far that I have felt such extreme spasms.

The injections caused much muscular pain in any case, so regular massages really do help to release the tension and pain.

By the end of about 9 days however, I do start to gain more strength and feel some normality back in my body. This does really help with my positivity and getting some day to day things done.


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