This was the first Chemo using my new Port on my chest.

It was a much easier session as the drugs get pumped through my body much quicker. 

It was the same process, just without the cold cap. The difference is the needle for the Port - i'm not usually scared of needles, but I am of this one haha.

They put this small square piece with a needle in the middle of it, into your port. Which goes through your skin into the port. They tell you to take a deep breathe in whilst they stick the needle through and its not too bad.

Then it's the usual Anti-sickness first, then the chemo drugs. With a nice cup of tea, my magazine and some nibbles. 

Usually myself and my husband end up talking to whoever sitting next to us.

It's good to talk.

With this third chemo, I was bald as a monk and felt relieved that I had got through the ordeal of losing my hair and dealing with it in the best way I could.

I had a beautiful wig I bought which helped me to feel a little more like myself.

This was an easier chemo, very mild nauseas feelings, very bearable and the nausea was not a feeling where I was going to vomit, but just an uncomfortable feeling for a short period of time. I had heard from many others that CBD oil (Cannabinoid oil) helps with nausea and muscular pain. It’s a natural and non-toxic oil which really did stop my nausea from making me feel very uncomfortable. 

This is something which is up to the individual if they feel comfortable in taking it, I did not want to keep taking the anti-sickness (which is also a steroid) and taking pain-killers as I was already pumped up with the very strong drugs from the chemo.


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