This chemo was the same, on one of the strongest chemo medicines.
But this time I had 2 weeks of pins and needles and numbness, it takes some getting used to and the sensation is weird.
I’m lucky that I haven’t got peripheral neuropathy which is when you get changes in your nails, they get dark under the skin and they almost feel like they are falling off. It could get even worse than that, at which point they would need to change your dose.
I found that at some points especially when having the 8 days of injections, that I couldn’t put tight clothing on or take it off.
I wasn’t able to open jars, like the jam for my toast! Lifting heavy things was also not very easy. The first two weeks of this was uncomfortable; as walking is probably the oddest.
I’m certainly walking like a penguin and always wear my comfortable trainers.
It’s not the whole feet that is numb or tingly, its just the toes and the soles of my feet.


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