My second to last chemo! How happy I am to nearly finish this tough ordeal.

It was the same process as the others and having great chats with my fellow chemo friends.

My tumour or as I like to call it Little C, has shrunk by two thirds which is great and fairly normal. They were hoping for more shrinkage, but it’s still a very successful treatment.

I feel very lucky, very appreciative that the chemo has worked on me. I felt changes in the size of Little C from the first week.

Still bald, still losing hair, but very minimal loss. I’m losing very small amounts of hair from my eyebrows and eyelashes. I don’t care that I am, it will grow back.

I haven’t worn makeup at all on my eyes since I started Chemo, as the additional rubbing from removing the makeup using wipes for example, would just remove even more hair. Probably all of the hair in my opinion. This way I still have kept the majority of my eyebrow and eyelash hairs.

I’m used to the tingling and numbness in my hands and feet and I’m learning to manage it better in order to carry on with daily tasks. I’m pushing myself so that I can adapt my senses as it could last for a little while after chemo.

I hadn’t driven in months as I was mostly to weak or not able to focus well enough. Or my eyes would be glassy or a little blurry. Or even just due to chemo brain.

But after my seventh chemo I just decided to get in the car and go for it and start getting used to driving with my tingling hands and feet.

I was absolutely fine, I missed driving soo much, missed my car! I don’t think I’d be able to drive our manual car, so I’m just sticking to the automatic for now.

I really look forward to having the last chemo and getting back to normality of life!


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