They then started to sort out the Cold Cap. First they wet all your hair with normal water, spraying everywhere.

They put a towel round your neck and get spraying. Its not the nicest way to get your hair wet as it usually drips down past your ears and to the front of your neck making your chest wet.

Which makes me feel cold and abit “meh” with the whole hair watering. Felt like I was a plant being watered haha.

Anyway that’s a quick process. Then they push your hair back and fit this gel filled cap (mine was green) on to your head. It feels very tight, but doesn’t hurt. I felt like I was going swimming!

They then, put another cloth cap on top of the gel cap to further secure the cap to your scalp. Making it more tighter and they strap it under your chin. Now I felt like I had a helmet on.

To be honest I found it quite funny and we made a little joke about how I looked, which helps to lighten the mood. Its always good to laugh!

Sometimes they secure the second cap even further by stuffing folded tissue underneath.

So I was strapped up and all secure ready to go. The cold cap is hooked up to a large machine beside me with tubular connections. The cold cap will reduce your scalp temperature from 25 degrees Celsius down to 3 degrees Celsius. This takes about 30mins or so as it’s a gradual process. As it starts to cool down to the lower temperatures you will feel a little bit of a headache, very briefly, but you get used to it very quickly and the headache does totally subside, well it did for me.

I was cold during the whole chemo treatment, so lots of blankets and pillows, recliner up and some lovely Tea by my husband helped a lot.

Once the cap was at 3 degrees Celsius, it was time to start the actual chemo.


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