As Chemotherapy can stop your ovaries from working.

I was given the option for fertility preservation and to do a quick cycle of embryo cryopreservation.

Unfortunately, due to the advanced nature of my Cancer and its advancing growth I was told that we will not have enough time to do the fertility treatment.

I was told that I was close to the Metastases Stage, which in most cases is fatal. So I was very lucky to have avoided this.

Unfortunately, the clinic also messed up and didn't put us up for the fast-track fertility treatment due to my diagnosis. The Nurse didn't read my notes - which is sometimes scarily common.

I won't blame them, it seems like it was just meant to be. It was our path. 

We were of course devastated with this news that we couldn't wait any longer. The prospect of not being able to have children because of the Chemotherapy drugs was just heart-breaking.

My husband was so distraught, as was I. We both cried a lot that day when we received the call in July by my Oncologist. Her professional opinion was something that we did not want to ignore. She knew what she is talking about and understands the nature of my Cancer.

She mentioned that she had a significant worry, that my Cancer could go to a metastases stage - which is very worrying.

Metastases is stage 2 Advanced Breast Cancer and could in some cases be fatal.

Before Chemotherapy, I was told that I was highly fertile as a person and would have absolutely no problem conceiving. When my husband heard this, he was overwhelmed with joy and teared up. 

So to then go from that, to this, was devastating.

Chemotherapy can stop your ovaries from working. This causes infertility, which can be temporary or permanent. It can also bring on early menopause.

Infertility means you can’t get pregnant.

Some chemotherapy drugs are more likely than others to cause infertility. Whether your infertility is temporary or permanent depends partly on your drugs and doses and your bodies reaction. You can ask your doctors if the drugs you’re having are likely to make you infertile.

But with this news, we still kept as positive as we could. As there's a higher chance that we could still have our own children. There is a 33% chance that I could become infertile. So it's in my favour.

As I am young there is a great chance that my body could reprogramme and i won't have issues.

But there are many options for children. Before we even found the lump. I personally has always wanted to adopt. So maybe that is the path for me. I wanted to have my own, but also adopt and give a child a home.

I guess I just find it unfair to keep having my own children, when there are children that need parents, children that need more, that need a home so much more, more than my desire to keep having my own children. An adopted child would be mine in exactly the same way. That's just my personal love for adoption.

I guess only time will tell.

I take and will keep taking Zoladex Injections for the next few months to help with protecting my ovaries.

Zoladex is an implant via an injection. It is a man-made form of a hormone used to treat those suffering from breast cancer and other issues in men and women.

Many women diagnosed with breast cancer, especially younger women, are concerned about their ability to have children after treatment. Some breast cancer treatments can cause temporary infertility or make it harder to get pregnant after treatment ends. 

A study shows that premenopausal women diagnosed with hormone-receptor-negative, early-stage breast cancer who were treated with Zoladex (chemical name: goserelin) along with chemotherapy after surgery were much less likely to be infertile after chemotherapy ended than women who got chemotherapy without Zoladex.

The treatment has the added advantage that, unlike chemotherapy which can cause infertility and hair loss, it has few side effects.

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