What You Need to Know

It was important for us to immediately get financial support from the government as soon as possible. It's not an easy process and quite long winded. 

But we got their in the end, though you must keep on top of it as they tend to stop the payments stupidly unless they have a Doctors Sick Note.

Even though Cancer lasts for a fair amount of time including Chemo, Surgery and Radiotherapy - the government are lazy and slow and make things harder.

At Charing Cross Hospital they have an amazing place called Maggie's Centre a big orange building, where they offer great support for everything Cancer.

We used the amazing resources they offer to help us get our financial benefits in order and see what we were entitled too. Not a lot due to my Husbands high wage. But enough to help me pay for my direct debits and that's it.

We made other arrangements also in order to financially help us throughout these difficult periods.




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