Hair does not define who we are, even though it is a prominent feature for most women in this world, including our eyebrows and eyelashes.

Especially if you are of my age 31 and work within the beauty industry.

But I found that my hair does not define me, it is how I deal with my obstacles in life that define me.

My morals that define me, who I am that defines me.

Not how my hair looks, or how long it is, or its colour.

It’s the beauty within yourself that defines you.

The beauty of who are you, what you stand for, what you do in your life.

Losing your hair questions your vanity and can almost show yourself who you are.. Are you actually vain. 

I honestly had no problem looking in the mirror when I was bald. I was relieved and had already accepted it by the time I shaved my head off. 

l learnt more about yourself, some may not like to learn that actually they are quite vain, or they may like to learn that they are not as vain as they thought they were.

Either way, accept who you are and make those necessary changes in your mindset to help you to overcome those vain needs. 

Knowing yourself is the key to helping yourself.


We knew chemotherapy was on the horizon, so it was time to get a chop as my hair was very long and we knew I'd lose all my hair.
It was hard at the beginning coming to terms with losing my hair. 
But my husband did a good job cutting my hair considering he'd never cut hair before

Then it was time for another chop as my hair was falling out a lot. Heavily coming out when I’d brush my hair. Coming out in clumps, getting bald patches. I decided to cut it to a very short length, so it was more comfortable.

I cut my hair in stages because I couldn't just shave my head off straight away.

I needed time to process and cope with what was happening and come to terms with it. At my own pace.
I'd get annoyed when people would say just shave it off, you're going to do it anyway. But what they don't get is that at this time when your processing losing your hair, and as a Woman; our hair is something that you feel you need, something you feel identifies you as YOU. 

In the end you find out that your hair really doesn't define you. But my sanity told me to do it in stages and I'm happy I did. Everyone has their own pace and I listened to myself.
Some people are much braver and just shave it off straight away, but I couldn't. 

I have saved my hair to give to charity, so someone else can use it for a wig.

I bought this gorgeous wig from Harlesden High Street from an Afro-Caribbean Shop, they seriously have the best choices! It was £200 and is 100% Real Human Hair.
It was time to style my wig and get it ready. As I was bald, I felt like I needed it.
Luckily, I'm professionally trained in Wig Styling seriously made it easier to find a wig and know what to do.

When I bought my wig, I sent a picture to my friends with it on and did a little dance, it was funny. You have to have a little fun with it.
If you are seeking advice on where to buy a great wig and what to do with it - I'm more than happy to help, feel free to contact me. 

Then it was time for the ultimate chop, the full shave. My husband tried his best to do a good job, but it was a messy affair.
It was a really odd experience for me and I never thought I'd ever shave my head off. But it was liberating when I shaved it off
It was a culmination of being fed-up, starting anew and having control of what was happening to me.

When I took my first selfie as a baldy, it felt great because my hair just kept on falling out.
I couldn't believe that I was actually Bald.

But even after shaving it off in August 2018 my hair still kept coming out. I would see it on my pillow. I would sweep my hand across my head and it would fall out.
In the shower when I washed my head it would be on my exfoliating glove.
My eyebrows have also become lighter, even though they were already super thin.

My skin is just super soft all over. As you lose hair in every place on your body. I definitely haven't had to worry about hair removal.

The hair on my head will grow back, it's just hair. It's not all me, it doesn't define me.

Oh life, it brings all sorts to your journey. My experiences in life have certainly tested me.
Shown me, guided me, shaped me, pushed me, cut me, hurt me, loved me, energised me, taught me, fought me, created me, found me, balanced me and moulded me. Bring it on life!

Why care what other people think.

Why not love you for you no matter what? Just how the love of your life would or should love you unconditionally no matter what - you should feel the same way about yourself.
It’s not about having an ego or being over confident. It's about accepting yourself in those moments. This can be misconstrued, because yes you can love yourself and accept yourself. But you must know yourself at the same time. Always be the best person you can be and keep learning.

Love to you all.


Being a Hair & Makeup Artist, its such a contrast, such a contradiction. 

I think it's perfectly fine looking after yourself, looking good, healthy and look your best.

But there's always a limit to everything.

There's always some humble pie that can come on the side of your desire to look your best. 


Learning about who you are and learning the good about yourself as well as the bad about yourself is very important. As nobody is perfect. No one is all good, or all bad.

Accepting the good and bad within yourself encourages improvement, it's the key to making those adjustments and changes in your life to become the best you can be.


We must always better ourselves, not just with how we look on the exterior of our bodies, but we must better ourselves with the interior of our bodies. Our Mind and Our inner Body.


What we eat, what we drink, how we think, what we say, what we do, how we are.


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