I was coming up to my seventh Chemo Session. I had at that point 48 Injections of Filgrastim.

Filgrastim is a medication used to treat low blood neutrophils and used following chemotherapy, plus many other issues. 

It is used to increase white blood cells for gathering during leukapheresis.

As Chemotherapy kills white blood cells, this injection creates the production of more white blood cells in my body. White blood cells are created through our bones, so I get extremely bad aches in my bones during a few set days whilst taking it. I'm pretty much bed bound on these few days - can't really move easily, in constant pain. But I do have a high pain threshold, so I cope with the pain.

The aches and pains start to fade after a few days and I start to get back to a chemo normal, until the next session of Chemo.

I really don't look forward to Injection time on those evenings. But it doesn't hurt. It's a sharp scratch.
I have Chemo on a Friday, then on Sunday the 8 days of Injections start.

My Nurse is my husband. Nurse Mickey I call him.
He's become a pro after all the practices.

It was my last Chemo on 2nd Nov 2018, which I was over the moon about. 

So this was 60 Injections later including my Zoladex Injections.

They certainly don't tell you this until you're in a Chemo Session.

For me personally I went in blind to most of this. I didn't read anyone's blogs, until I was into it already.
I didn't research heavily on Chemo, until again I was well into it.
I wanted to be curious, as I know what I'm like. I knew reading too much before I was actually experiencing it for myself would affect my mental state.

I usually am such a prepper - but this prepping of knowing too much when everyone's body is different would have caused me too much anxiety and caused unnecessary fear which would create negativity. 

So I purposely decided to go in half blind and decided to learn my journey as I went. Oh did it help! I listened to myself, to my gut and it helped me to stay strong.

It's the mental health impact of what Chemo and Cancer can do to you. 

My mental state during this time is the only thing that keeps me strong.

I wanted to rely on myself, to mentally get through the difficulties of Cancer, as I have to beat it. No-one will beat it for me. 

Many can't comprehend or truly understand unless they've been through it. So then you're on your own. I rely on myself to do this. I have too, it's my body, my soul, in my control.


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