These are some of the tracks that kept me going, that kept me strong, that released my negative energy in a positive way. Singing along, nodding my head and giving me a sense of appreciation.

Each song here has a special meaning for me and maybe it will for you too. 

These songs have helped me throughout my life to exert and push out the negative energy that comes with heart-break, loss, life struggles or my cancer.

Still to this day, many of these songs bring tears to my eyes. Which sometimes can help to let that sadness out or which ever emotions out. Bottling those emotions in, personally for me can be detrimental to my mental health.

I believe, that releasing negative energy from our body should be done in a positive way. We don't want our bad energy to be projected to let on to others.

I have always tried to release my negative energy positively.

My way is through music and my Art of Makeup/Hair and the creativity of my Special Effects Makeup. Through my Passion, through my Love.


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