I feel like part Cyborg now.
There was a 2 month waiting list to have a port installed. This would have been very damaging for me and my veins.

The first 2 sessions of Chemo I had were done through my veins on my left arm.

Didn't bother touching my right arm - which is my Artistic arm!

Almost 3 months down the line, after having chemo through my veins; my left arm still aches now again, as those veins are now damaged and won't heal for a few months, even a year. To me it was no where near worth having even more aches and damaged veins, which could later affect my work. 

If you are worried about the Port Surgery itself or getting an infection after the surgery - don't be! It's pointless worrying because the outcome outweighs any bad issues!

The surgery itself you can't feel a thing.

An infection for this type of surgery is very rare. You would only 

get an infection if you remove the bandage early (within 3 days) and have a shower using soap or scrubbing on it. 

Soap is a NO No. Only wipe with water on a tissue even after the bandage is removed. Bacteria is still on your washing gloves or sponges and soap or shower gel is full of chemicals. Unfortunately you can't shower for a few days, but it is bette than getting an infection. Just towel wipe.

As there was a 2 month waiting list at the time (which isn't usually like that), we were worried. So my wonderful husband made a few calls and my surgery was done before my 3rd Chemo Session! I am SO lucky! 

I thought...maybe I'd be totally asleep under General Anaesthetic 
But I was completely awake, just numb and under Local Anaesthetic.
I didn't feel a thing. Just felt the few injections of the Local Anaesthetic.
It was a 45min surgery.

I also thought that the port would stick out my chest and there would be a plastic piece with some sort of cap.
But No that's not the case at all.

The Port is completely hidden under my skin. 
It sticks out and you can feel it over the skin. It's quite weird lol
There are two areas stitched - the lower section is the actual port, the port is maybe 1cm x 1cm. 

The lighter shade you see in between the two bandages is where there is a pipe connected to the top stitched area, which goes into my main artery.

This way the drugs get pumped through my body much quicker, as it's close to my heart.


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