So me being me - and not conforming to societal norms, to which most women do.

I decided to propose to Mickey! Yes a women proposing to her man. Unheard of I know!

Many women would say to me. “but don’t you want to be proposed to, the guy always does it”.

To me, that notion was just what women became accustomed too. It's not set in stone!

My intention, was give the surprise factor and bring a spark to our already set notion that we were definitely going to get married. It was both what we wanted, we had already bought a property together, so the commitment was real.

In 2014, I surprised him with a trip for his "30th Birthday" to “Paris” as he thought.

Whilst waiting in line at the Airport Check-in desk, Mickey got a call from one of his friends to say safe journeys.

Mickey said to him with a joke and with a laugh “Although Paris is great, I’d love for it to be Amsterdam”. I looked at him and laughed.

As Amsterdam was one of the destinations in Europe that we both loved – for many reasons.

I thought to myself - can't wait till you find out!

He said his quick byes and it was our turn to check in our baggage.

I gave our passports and we got our tickets and the lovely lady said “Enjoy your trip to Amsterdam”.

Mickey looked at me and had the biggest smile you could ever imagine. He was just so happy! I was just all too happy to see him like that.

We stayed at the gorgeous 5 Star Okura Hotel for our trip.

On the day of the proposal it started off with a lovely breakfast together and a quick trip out and about.

We came back for the early afternoon and I sent him for a one-hour pure relaxation massage. I told him I wanted to setup his “birthday surprise”. Which was really the Proposal + a little something for his 30th Birthday too.

I setup a memory cards for each year and the memorable moments in our relationship together. Each memory had pictures, a letter of love associated with those moments and little pressies.

By the time he got to the last card, it said “So what’s next for us?”...

He really didn’t have a clue what was about to happen.

With the last card, I sat him down on the chair and as he started to open the card and read it, I went on both my knees, reading it with him, so that I was on his eye level. He still didn't have a clue!

I didn’t want to get him a ring, as that was something he definitely wouldn't have wanted. 

I wanted to do something cool, fun and querky. Something out there, something he would appreciate but also understand what to do when he opened it.

So, he opened the box and to his delight he said “Ray Bans!” – he was very pleased.

My brother had previously bought me some personalised Ray Bans with writing on the arms. So Micks thought there must be some writing on it too. My plan had worked!

He opened the Ray Bans case and immediately looked at the arms of the sunglasses. They were black gloss with white gloss arms in the classic Wayfarer design. 

He looked to the left outer arm which said “I Love You”

Then the left inner arm said “Micks”

The right inner arm said “Marry Me”...

The right outer arm ended with “Dam 2014”

He was shocked! He looked at me with confusion lol.

I’d never seen him like that before.

But in shock and delight he said “Yes!”

I started crying and he was still in shock!

He said “I can’t believe you did this”

He said how lovely it was and how shocked he was – but he said I did want to propose to you too!

I laughed and I said “I know you did, but I got there first”.

He couldn't believe I proposed to him.

I told him why I did it and that the element of surprise and spark wouldn’t have been there if he did it.

I told him “I would have spoilt it for you”. I said look how surprised you are, he was amazed and told me it would be you to do something like this. It was an overwhelming experience for us both, emotional yet the start of something amazing, new and fun.

I told him that something had come over me and I had this overwhelming sense to do this. The feeling said to me that if I didn’t do this now, that I would regret it for the rest of my life.

As I mentioned about my Mother, we would find out that this choice of mine to propose, had reasons behind it that made us realise why this crazy notion came to me.

If I had waited for Micks to propose to me, which could have been a few months later. It would have meant that my Mother wouldn't have seen us get married.

As she passed away only 4 months after we got married.

We started to plan our wedding in the months to come at the beginning of 2015. Deciding what we both wanted, and coming to comprises to keep each other happy. To fulfil both our notions of our dream wedding.

After much deliberation, we decided to get married in Santorini Greece for our Civil Ceremony (legal marriage) and have our Indian Wedding here in London.

It was a difficult decision, as no-one in both of our families in London or even friends circle that had got married abroad.

My parents, brother and sister in law were so up for it. My brother was also planning to get married in Ireland, so we were used to the notion of an abroad wedding.

Unfortunately, my parents-in-law were quite worried about the idea, as it was something out of there comfort zone. But we knew what we were doing.

We decided on Santorini as it was such a picturesque destination, affordable for our guests, a quick flight and somewhere that none of our guests had ever visited before. We wanted it to be a holiday destination that our guests could enjoy as much as us.

It was time to decide on a venue in Santorini. We both did our research independently in order for us to find something as quickly as possible.

We met up and both said to each other that we had found The venue! I was quite worried at this point, as I thought our different desires on the venue could cause a disagreement.

We both brought up the picture of what we had both found, mine from Instagram and his from the website. It happened to be the exact same venue! We were just over the moon!

And started to debate who actually found it first haha. But that didn’t matter, we had both found our dream venue. It was called Le Ciel in Imerovigli -

We booked the venue for the end of May 2016, so we had more than enough time to organise both wedding ceremonies for London and Santorini.

My husband is an Events & Conference Manager. Organising Medical events for Surgeons, Consultants, Doctors, Nurses, everyone in the medical field – with guests of over 1000 for many of them, some in the Houses of Parliament and many other prestigious venues all over the UK.

So he found organising our wedding as a piece of cake!

I did all the creative side and he took full control over the logistics and planning for both events. We certainly had our moments of disagreements and big compromises, but we worked very well together to achieve what we both wanted.

But our whirlwind dream wedding planning would be saddened and not so important anymore with the news of my mother’s health.

She was diagnosed at the end of Nov 2015 with Stage 3 Gallbladder Cancer.

It was unbelievable, a shock, a worry, heart-breaking with fear inter-twined.

My mum was a positive person and pushed through the motions to try and get her health back on track and get better. She underwent surgery to have her Gallbladder removed at the beginning of January 2016, which was a fair success. But was devoid of problems after that.

It was just a fight to keep her well till our wedding day. We almost decided to cancel everything, but my mother was determined that we keep things as they are so she could enjoy it and see us get married. It was something she could look forward to and fight for, to keep her going to beat this cancer.

My father also decided to retire early in March 2016 to concentrate on my mother and looking after her.

I could see my mums health slowly deteriorating, though in my heart I kept positive that she may just fight this. Along the way I wanted her to feel part of the plans and have something to enjoy, such as my Hen, the outfits, being involved in the Indian wedding and looking forward to our fun filled experience in Santorini.

Our first big day arrived at the beginning of May 2016, our Indian Wedding in London.

It was a beautiful day, the hottest day of the year so far.

The day went incredibly, so smoothly, so enjoyable, so much love and positivity and mum and dad looked like they were getting married too!

I wanted them to both feel just as glamorous as we would look – for the limelight to be on them, not just us. To make them feel great on such an auspicious and special day.

The day was so well organised, thanks to my Mickey, our wedding finished 30 minutes early! It was a great start to our celebrations and we had so much still to look forward to.

End of May 2016 finally arrived to the delight of all our 80 guests.

The excitement was overwhelming, the messages and calls we received created an amazing atmosphere and build up to our arrival.

All our guests had the choice of arriving when it was suitable for them, our Wedding Ceremony and Reception Party was on the Saturday.

So some came on the Tues, the Weds, the Thurs or the Friday. Either staying for 2 days, 3, 5, 7 or even 10 days.

Some even went on to Athens and other parts of Greece to extend their holiday.

On the Thursday prior to our Wedding day, we organised a pre-wedding party get together for all the guests, to meet and create the comfortable atmosphere for everyone that had arrived already.

We also organised a boat trip and Volcano climb for the Monday after our wedding day to add some culture and history to our guests visit and enjoy a day out together in such a beautiful country.

A gathering that we could never experience again all together, as it was such a rare occasion to have us altogether abroad.

The big day arrived, the sun was glaring, the sky was blue, the wind was light, the views were clear, the heat was hot!

It really was perfect!

It was just indescribable, how dreamy the day was.

I remember when I walked out and down the aisle, where we were getting married at the edge of a cliff, with a glass balcony between us and the 1km cliff height. With the Volcano and Sea line just perfectly edging across the horizon.

It was not only breath-taking, but I was lucky enough to marry the man of my dreams in one of the most beautiful places in the world, with all the people that meant soo much to myself and Mickey. A Dream Come True!

The speeches were hilarious, the food was Greek and spicy to keep our Indian taste buds satisfied.

The music was mixed, with all a mixture of everything from old to new, full of bass to satisfy all of our drunk guests.

An open bar with shots galore and dancing away till midnight!

The party didn’t stop there, myself and Micks quickly changed out of our Bridal attire and whoever could keep going, those who weren’t too drunk, that could still stand; came out with us.

We partied till 6am when the sun was coming up.

Myself and my husband walked back to our Hotel from our Taxi.

The sun was coming up, the sky was brightening up with that beautiful yellow,orange of the sun peeping over the horizon, the warmth and breeze swaying through my hair.

We looked at eachother and couldn’t believe that we did it.

That we’d had our dream wedding in one the most unbelievably breath-taking places in the world.

It was one the best days of our lives, just unforgettable.

A wonderful start to our marriage.


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